The Team

Niclas Thumm (Organisation, Planning, Building) GER is the head of team, along with Simon. Since the first event, he manages the organisation. He designs the masterplan and some of the fields. Besides, when CDT is built up, he keeps track of everything and makes sure everybody has a task to do, and everybody does what he is supposed to do. Without him, CDT would be totally chaotic.

Simon Stümke (Organisation, Planning, Building, Videos) GER is something like the second head of the team. Apart from helping with the planning and organizing of the event, his most important role at CDT is to design all the plans for the domino fields. He also did most of the work for this website.

Together with Alexander Dings he is also responsible for the production and editing of all CDT videos.

Thomas Schäfer (Organisation, Technics, Catering) GER joined the team in the summer of 2008. Since 2010, his main task wasn't building dominoes anymore, but preparing the technical equipment. But he also takes part in the planning and has contributed some great ideas to CDT and its masterplan.

Since 2010, he and Timo are also the catering team of CDT.

For CDT 2012 Thomas is taking care of a lot of the organizational things and has also become a major member of the planning team.


Alexander Gwosdz (Organisation, Technics, Building) GER takes care of the audio and light technics, alongside with Thomas. Sometimes (but rather rarely) he also helps with building up the dominoes. His polish name is pronounced something like "gwooshtsh". He is in the team since 2010.


Jonathan Bahr (Building) GER joined the team in 2012 after his domino videos had become quite popular on YouTube in the year before. He fit well into the team and was part of the group that managed to set up the world record wall.

Alexander Baron (Building, formerly Planning) GER was part of the planning crew until 2009, since CDT 2009 he reseated from this though. Now he is mostly occupied with the building and has already been responsible for several big fields.


Tobias Demuth (Building) GER mastered the tricky Builder's Challenge at CDT 2010. He also built the nuclear power plant project together with Alexander Dings, and some more projects.

He is in the team since 2010!

Alexander Dings (Building, Videos) GER is one of our hardest-working builders. He takes every chance to travel from his hometown Saarbrücken (250 miles away) to Cologne and help with the planning. Together with Simon, he is also involved in editing the videos around CDT during the actual event.

He is in the team since 2008!

Sebastian Frey (Technics) GER is the son of the school's janitor and can participate in CDT even though he's not 16 yet because he and his family live right next to the school what makes it possible for him to sleep at home. He joined the team in 2011 where he helped to set up the lighting and sound system.

Adriana Gerick (Catering) GER heard of CDT via Thomas and agreed to help him and Timo at supplying the team with awesome dinners and lunches at CDT 2012, and possibly at future events.

Marcel Kamps (Building) NL is the first former Domino Day builder who has participated in CDT. In the Youtube Domino Community he has somehow became a "star" and so we're very proud that we could welcome him in the team at CDT 2011. Of course he also is a great domino builder since he has participated in Domino Day an amazing nine times.

Kaspar Laaser (Building) GER is, like most builders, mainly occupied in setting up the dominoes. From time to time though, he's also a helping hand at other things to do. For example, he helped Simon create the Rube Goldberg Machine at the start of CDT 2010.

He is in the team since 2008!

Raphael Mall (Building) GER joined in 2010 and didn't hesitate to build some of the most difficult projects straight away at his first event. That included constructing the plane project together with Alexander Stumpf and the "flow" at the power plant.

Davy van Megen (Building) NL became the first Dutchman in the team when he joined CDT in 2010. He did a fantastic job during the building and always guaranteed a good mood in the team. Without his contagious humor, we probably would have been way less motivated at times.

Tobias Nelles (Technics) GER joined the team in 2011 and also helped a lot with the technical equipment and especially the cooking.

Wasilja Peterse (Building) NL is a real domino artist. He set up nearly the entire Asterix Village and also likes building other complicated but very nice looking projects. He joined the team in 2011.

Fabian Raspel (Building) GER became a team member in 2010 and mostly helped building complex fields such as the final field, which showed a sailing ship on the ocean.

Timo Schäfers (Catering, Photos, formely Building) GER a.k.a. Dominofan, is a true CDT veteran, being a member since 2008. When someone is needed to build some lines and fields fast and reliably, he's always a good choice. And Thomas can be glad to have such a diligent helper in the kitchen. Timo also is an expert on photographing and catches everything at CDT with his professional camera.

Nils Schlichting (Building) GER comes from the north of Germany and joined CDT in 2011. Together with Alex S. and Raphael he built quite important and difficult 3D projects what made him a very important building member of the team.

Johanna Schultz (Building, Technics) GER is, like the CDT founders, a student at the school where the event takes places and got to know CDT already in 2008 when they built a project for a school event. In 2012, she finally joined the team as both a builder and a technician.

Alexander Stumpf (Building) GER was another one of the many new members in 2010. Together with Raphael, he built some of the trickiest projects. He also was the fourth Alexander at CDT.

Tim Weißker (Building) GER joined the Team in 2011, when he was already quite well-known in the domino community. He hosts a very good domino website (Link) and also holds two official domino world records. At CDT he is a reliable field builder.

Fabian Wiesbrock (Building) GER usually doesn't set up that many dominoes, but if he does, he usually goes for the wall projects. Which is appreciated by the other builders - walls aren't really popular because they crash down so easily.

Until 2010, he also played a main role in the team's catering by serving as its pizza boy.


Matthias Heinzelmann (Building, Technics) CH was the first Swiss member of the team. At CDT 2011 he participated in CDT for the first time. Besides setting up dominoes he also helped a lot with setting up and managing the internet connection in the hall.

In 2013 he changed to a different domino team that is much closer to his homeland. Since then he has been a member of  "Austrian Domino Art".

Daniel Meier (Building) GER is the team's expert on building fields. In 2009, he finished the whole final field of 10,000 dominoes within just one and a half days.

Note: Unfortunately Daniel stopped building domino. For our team he clearly is a big loss and we are all sad that he very probably won't return for any more CDTs.

Kai Wensky (Building) GER was already a builder at the first CDT in 2008. He didn't participate in the next year, but came back in 2010. Rather than building one of the bigger projects, he helped wherever a helping hand was needed.

He has left the team for now but it might be possible that we will be able to welcome him back in the next years.

Christian Wasserhaas GER helped preparing the hall before CDT 2010, and assisted the team with all kinds of stuff that needed to be done before the actual building could start.

In 2008, the team was completed by Jonas Gärtner, who however quit domino soon after.