CDT 2009

Theme: Sport und Olympia

Set Up: 90,000 Dominoes

Toppled: 87,804 Domineos

Number of Team Members: 9

Building Time: 5 Days

Toppling Time: 7:47 min

Date: 14th August 2009

In 2009 the team all in all set up 90,000 domineos under the theme Sports and the Olympic Games. All of the six projects (Challenge, Le Tour de France, Olympia, Tennis, Soccer and Formula 1) were way more structured and better planned compared to the year before. The event also was a lot more professional than CDT 2008.

During the falldown nearly everything apart from some minor mistakes toppled according to the plan and so in the end we could announce that exactly 87,804 dominoes had toppled - a new record!