Template, Setting device, etc.:

There isn't an offical name for this thing but you can describe it as a wooden thing that looks a bit like a comb which you use for easily setting up dominoes. You simply put the domineos between the 'teeth' of the comb and later on remove it - and what is left over is a perfect line. (An explaining video can be found here)


Direction Changer:

A Direction Changer (DC) is a small wooden prick that is put on a nail so it can spin easily when it gets hit by a line. So another line at the other side of the brick gets toppled and the dominoes do a perfect 180°-turn. (You can find an example here



The falldown is the toppling or knocking down of the entire domino parcours.



A field is a large cluster of dominoes that shows a motief or letters.



As the name says it is plank that is often made of plexi-glass and is used to start or topple domino fields.



A wall that is built like a ghetto tower and coveres a big area - like a field but 3 dimensional.


Ghetto Tower:

A ghetto tower is a domino tower that is built using a special technique - its width can cary. The technique is called ghetto tower because it was used in the "Ghetto-Music" Project at Domino Day 2006.



A Line is simply a line of dominoes that are set up straight.



A sketch that shows all the important lines, fields and walls of a project.



A wall is simply a wall made of dominos ;-)