Tips 'n Tricks

Please note that it is - of course - impossible to write down all effects you can create with dominoes. New ones are constantly invented and many effects and tricks are simply too complex to be explained briefly or have just one particular use so that there's no real use in including all of them here. So we apologize for this collection of tricks being incomplete. If you think that an important effect is missing, please let us know via the "Contact Us" page.

This special part of the website is for domino novices as well as for experienced builders, or possibly fans of CDT who want to rebuild some of our tricks.

In the "General" section, you'll find tips and tricks rather for beginners; "Planning" shows and explains how CDT is built and how to plan your own domino courses.


We plan to add these two rubrics in the future:


"CDT effects and techniques"

"Technique Test"


"CDT effects and techniques" will be a collection of all the notable effects ever included in the CDT events. "Technique Test" will show some of the effects we have presented in our YouTube videos of the same name. Have fun trying them yourself!

The Racing-Car-Effect at CDT 2009
The Racing-Car-Effect at CDT 2009